Owner's Classes

A 3-session introduction to your new Viking sewing/embroidery machine. Beginner.

EPIC Encore

A 3-session introduction to your new Viking EPIC sewing/embroidery machine. Beginner.

Quilting 101

A 3-session introductory quilting class for those who have never quilted before. You will finish the class with a crib-size quilt. Beginner.

Sew Ya Think you Want to Quilt

An introductory quilting class for those who have never quilted before. Beginner.

​Free-Motion Quilting

A technique class to introduce the basics of Free Motion Quilting (FMQ). In this class, you will learn how to quilt multiple layers with the feed dogs down and create basic FMQ designs such as loops, vines, and leaves. You will practice on small quilt sandwiches. Beginner.

​Edge-to-Edge Quilting

A technique class to introduce the method of using your embroidery machine to mimic a long-arm quilting machine, creating beautiful and precise quilting designs. You will practice on small quilt sandwiches. Beginner.

Imaginary Day

​A quilting class working through the Smith Streets Designs Imaginary Day quilt. At the end of this class, you will have a gorgeous bed quilt. ​Advanced.

Kimberbell Workshops

A seasonal two-day embroidery project class, with all needed materials included in the registration fee. Intermediate.

​Bag of the Month Club

Each month features a new bag project. These classes will teach you how to use zippers, magnets, clasps, vinyl, mesh, and straps. Intermediate.

Project Classes

Classes that construct a single sewing or embroidery project. These classes vary from beginning classes to intermediate classes.


Classroom Rules

  • Bring your own machine, needle, pedal, cord, and instruction manual.
  • Please do not wear perfumes and strong scented products.
  • Cell phones should be kept on silent or turned off.
  • If you have to take a call, please step outside the classroom to do so.
  • Drinks are allowed in a closed-top container.
  • PLEASE DO THE PREP WORK before class, if any is assigned. When a student comes to class unprepared, it's not fair to the students who are prepared or to the teacher who must then take class time to get others caught up.
  • All of the supplies needed for all of our classes are available for purchase at Calico Cats.